Tohono O’odham Elder Assisted Living Residence


Our residents can enjoy an excellent quality of life in a comfortable environment they can call home. The services we offer embrace person centered care.

• Independence - We encourage Residents to do for 

themselves as they are willing and able.

• Person Centered Care - We encourage independence and Residents are free to make their own choices.

• Privacy - through a private room for each person.

• Community - social gatherings and outings.

• Meals - Nutritious meals will be prepared by Caregivers, and with Residents if they choose.

• Social - Daily planned activities will take place for Resident to enjoy as they choose.

• Laundry - Clothing will be washed on a regular basis by Caregivers, and by Residents if they choose.

• 24 Hour Care - Caregivers will be available for round the clock care and assistance with medications and other personal care.

• Family & Guests - All are welcomed and encouraged to visit during times established by Residents for the home.

The Elder Residence was designed with input and suggestions from community elders. Thus, there is an emphasis on privacy, space for gathering , and outdoor space that can be used year round.